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New Brazilian Restaurant for Claremont

Opening Sunday 20th October!


I can't help but get excited about this and if you know Brazilian food like I do – you will share my enthusiasm!

El Rodizio is located at 53 On Main, Shop 10, The Claremont building, Claremont.

El Rodizio Café shares the traditions, culture and food of southern Brazil combined with ANGOLIAN cuisine and South African flamboyance. Our café concept is a popular Brazilian style barbecue, offering a wide variety of different cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken that is slowly cooked with special grills to preserve all their natural juices and flavors.

"We mingle menu variety, atmosphere, ambiance, special theme day and nights and a friendly staff." says their Facebook page.

El Rodizio café will no doubt be a new dining experience for many. "We are here to combine an admirable customer service, an intriguing cosmopolitan atmosphere with excellent and interesting food that will whet your appetite.  The Brazilian style known as “Rodizio”, involves our passadores (waiters) bringing large cut of roasted meats to diners' tables and carving out portions by request. You eat as much as your stomach can take!" says their Facebook page

Step 1: As you walk in our Rodizio café, a friendly staff will sit you down, offer you a drink of your choice and talk to you how about our unique dining experience 
Step 2: You may order your meal from the menu and wait for it to be served or simply go to our gourmet salad and special Brazilian dishes bar, choose something of your choice and return to your table.
Step 3: Once at your table, give us the signal that you’re ready to indulge in our variety of meat cuts ranging from beef, pork, lamb, chicken and sausage by turning your table CARD GREEN side facing our Kitchen. The passadores (waiter) will immediately visit your table for Rodizio service.
Step 4: The meat will be perfectly done to your liking. You indulge in as much as your stomach can take, should you wish to take a break, simply flip your table CARD RED side facing our kitchen until you’re ready for more. When ready to indulge in more flip back to GREEN or leave it in RED to end the Rodizio service.

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