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Upper Claremont Property Report

For 1 January 2013 to 31 August 2013


Reported final sales of residential homes for the eight month period to 31 August 2013 totalled R105 918 000.
For the same period last year the figure was R202 362 000.

The average selling price achieved in 2013 was R 4 605 130 and the median i.e. middle price was R 4 225 000, marginally higher than the median price for the same period in 2012.  

Selling prices achieved were, on average, 93% of asking prices, a small improvement compared with 2012.

The highest selling price achieved was R9 500 000.
The lowest selling price achieved was R1 400 000.

Prices of properties currently on the market are mostly in the R4 000 000 to R8 000 000 band.

Source:  Propstats as provided by the Institute of Estate Agents.

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Prepared by Laurence van Blerck – Upper Claremont Property Consultant at Chas Everitt International – 16 October 2013

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