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10th Anniversary Celebration of Upper Liesbeek River Garden

Bishopscourt Village celebration

The area surrounding the Liesbeek River between Upper Noreen Avenue and Riverside Road is termed the "Upper Liesbeek River Garden" and this community of residents celebrated its 10th anniversary this month. Fondly termed "little bit of paradise" it has according to residents never looked as well maintained and as beautiful as it has this summer.

In their latest newsletter it is claimed that the past year has undoubtedly been the best ever, and this is in no small part due to the very generous donations, active interest and positive involvement of both Fernwood and Bishopscourt Village residents.

The financial and material support allows for continuous employment of the River Garden Team:

● Miranda Alexander, River Warden

● Matthews Moetsi, River Gardener

The river workers have been assisted by horticultural, landscape technology and engineering students from CPUT, City of Cape Town, Kader Asmal and EPWP work teams, contractors and volunteers. These many hands have helped propogate new seedlings for the garden, stabilise banks, build a hydraulic ram (water-driven pump), maintain the steps and paths, as well as other infrastructure, plant, prune, weed and generally help 'weather the winter storms very well.

The newsletter reports a brand new paved picnic area just below Riverside Road, with what’s believed to be Cape Town’s heaviest picnic table! This latest addition to the River Garden will encourage more families to come and enjoy the beautiful surrounds.

A look at the year ahead

The plans for 2014 include the construction of permanent stepping stones across the river. Fernwood and Bishopscourt Village submitted a joint residents’ association application for Ward 62 funding last year and the basic design of the crossing has been drawn up. The hope is to get the green light next month so that construction can take place when the river is at its lowest at the end of summer.

Council will continue with removing the alien Black Alders during the next few months. These aliens have served their purpose protecting the more than 200 indigenous riverine trees that we have planted, and their removal will permit the indigenous trees to reach their full potential.

The River Garden team were awarded a WESSA Western Cape Regional Award  in October last year. This award recognized the team’s landscape-enhancing efforts to develop, rehabilitate and maintain the River Garden. This would have been impossible without a dedicated, informed and sustained ten-year effort of many people who have transformed an eroding, sterile wasteland into a green space alive with biodiversity.

This community notice is sponsored by Chas Everitt Claremont

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